Faculty of Specific Education Council, 14TH November 2015Faculty of Specific Education Council, 14TH Novemb...

Faculty of Specific Education- Alexandria University announced that Saturday November 14th2015 is the day of holding the Faculty’s Council meeting at 10:00 am in the Conference Hall, Administrati [ ... ]

Specific Education discussed the Doctoral thesis of the researcherSpecific Education discussed the Doctoral thesis o...

Inas Hosni Ahmed Younis submitted her Doctoral thesis for discussing as required to obtain Doctoral degree in philosophy in the curricula and methods of teaching art education. The thesis is entitled  [ ... ]

"Specific Education” Council Rewards" Hajar Ali " ...

  The Faculty of Specific Education, Alexandria University, Council approved, in its meeting held on recently,  rewarding a Master Degree, in Specific Education, Home Economics Department, to the  [ ... ]


Dean's Word


Dear students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Saba Basha, Alexandria University.
It’s my great pleasure to congratulate you for joining the family of Alexandria University . I hope that Faculty of Agriculture, Saba-Basha will be a platformto acquire science , knowledge and skills that together can achieve the Faculty message. Also by practicing various students’ activities which create a loyal generation to their nation, University and the Faculty as well . A generation that believe in God and work to get the nation up to achieve their hopes and wishes for a better future for our beloved Egypt in all aspects. ​​